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We are so close to releasing our site redesign!  I will be the first to admit that we had hoped to have this done months ago – I’d be surprised if it isn’t up and running in the next couple weeks.  But due to issues beyond our control, we’re still not quite there.  But we’re so close that we wanted to give you some sneak peeks to get jazzed about.  You have no idea how excited I am to be writing you about this today!  This excited:

Raj in clamshell bra

* Uh, yeah.  More on this below…

New Features

Easier Navigation – This is something we’ve wanted to improve for ages.  For one thing, our homepage and menu make it easy to get where you want:  recipes, our ebook, Instant Pot, Beautycounter, and our Words, Words, Words section (more on that below).  We’ve created some fantastic Instant Pot and Beautycounter resources which are fun, attractive, and very helpful hubs.

Improved Search – You can’t miss the search field at the top of the screen now, and the homepage also has a great search field.  Like using Google search, the site will use predictive text which can make things faster and avoid typos.  There are some customizable ways to search (see screenshot below) and some quick search results will be visible within microseconds, or hit return to see all of the results.

Refine Search Results – On the results page, you will be able to define what results are shown based on your selected options such as diet (Paleo, Primal, Whole 30, AIP, etc), ingredient, month, and more.  This feature will continue to improve as we add more programming.  It’ll make it easier for you to rediscover some of our older creations which you may have missed or forgotten about.

More Attractive – I have wanted to redesign our site for years, so I’m ecstatic that we are finally updating the aesthetics of the site.  Recipe pages will have larger hero images at the top and remaining photos will be organized in an attractive slideshow.  The whole thing is just gonna look cooler, ok?

Mobile Friendly – Most of the time you’re looking at The Primal Desire on mobile devices, so clearly these features need to available on all devices – and look good doing it!  I do recommend that you check out the desktop version as well, just for fun.

Words, Words, Words – This is something we haven’t utilized much in the past, but we’ve always intended to.  This is something that we used to say to each other during conversation, enjoying what each of us had to say and sharing ideas: “Words, words, words”.  In the upcoming months, you can expect us to further develop this section of the website with education, thoughts, personal stuff, and interviews (like the one I just did with my buddy Kequyen who’s heading to the Olympics next month – expect follow-ups with him as he shares the experience with us).


There will be some growing pains that need smoothing out as we launch the site redesign and add features, but please be patient – and let me know if you run into any issues.


In the upcoming months, you can expect to see more videos from us.  Connection and community have been words that have been circling in our heads a lot, and this year we want to connect with you more.  So we’re going to be more visible.  Here and on social media.  So join us, share us, and share with us!  Bring it on 2018!



Oh, what’s up with the clamshell photo?  Right.  Well, I was costume shopping with my sister and Holley and they caught this moment on camera.  They also convinced me to use this photo on my online dating profiles.  My roommate also made a shirt out of it.  It’s getting out of control… lol



Raj in clam shell bra
Any Day Now... What's this guy so excited about? And what's the story with this photo?

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